Sevendust Acoustic Tour at Pops – May 27th, 2014

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Earlier this week I had a chance to photograph at Pops, which hasn’t happened in a long time.  Tuesday night the illustrious Sauget establishment hosted the Sevendust “Acoustic” tour.  The reason I put “acoustic” in parenthesizes is because I didn’t find it to be a true acoustic performance by the band.  Both guitarists had a daisy chain of about 5 – 10 petals that they ran their electric/acoustics through, the drummer had a full kit, and the bass player played a regular electric bass.  The sound was loud, in fact I believe just as loud as the previous time they played Pop’s with a full electric set up.  Although, I can’t knock them because they are still Sevendust and front man Lajon Witherspoon never disappoints a crowd.  In fact the best thing I observed all night was the devout fan base that still loves them just as much as the first time they did when they heard their hit single “Black” on the radio back way back in 1997.  That is when I jumped on the band wagon and I have to say had I been following their career more closely over the years that I may have enjoyed the show more than what I did.  Bare bones, quiet, and sprinkled with rarities/covers is what I was expecting, I guess I just expected a different experience from a tour that is being billed as an acoustic tour.  In all I had a good time, I respect these guys for their musical talent, and I will always have mad respect for Lajon.  If you are a die hard fan I suggest catching this tour, if you are a casual listener I suggest waiting until you can see the band in full force with a full electric set up.


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