Broken Bells at Pageant – June 16th, 2014

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So let me first start by explaining that over the last three years I’ve photographed hundreds of bands at all levels of success and at venues of all sizes.  In all my experiences one thing remains true, that as a music photographer when the band first sets foot on stage you are officially on the clock for the next three songs, and I personally take those 15 or so minutes very seriously.  Sometimes though you get a moment where you are photographing a band and the music just over comes you like you were in the crowd, you start jiving as you move through the pit and you are defiantly having the time of your life.  Gigs that evoke that emotion in me is what I love about concert photography and one of the times I enjoyed myself the most was during The Shins set at Lollapalooza 2012.  That being said I’m totally just as huge of a fan of Broken Bells because James Mercer is phenomenal, and with the addition of the musical genius of Brain Burton (aka Danger Mouse) what is not to love about this band?  Monday nights show at the Pageant did not disappoint and below are my top five favorite moments of the night:

  1. Hearing the craziness from the devout Broken Bells fans from the first few rows of the floor was great to experience as they screamed like metal fans waiting for Lemmy to melt their faces off, it was refreshing to witness.
  2. Observing the multiple instrument changes throughout the set that Mercer and Burton accomplished between keyboards, guitars, and bass was awesome.  Not to mention their bass/guitar player that hid in the back and also handled multiple supporting instruments throughout the set.
  3. The lighting set up was also unique as they used a projection screen to display cosmic scenes throughout the set and rotating stage lights that shot rays of light from behind the drum riser sending starred patterns of light across the entire stage.
  4. Having the opportunity to see Mercer let loose a bit on stage as he had the luxury of putting down his guitar from time to time on certain songs.
  5. Catching this band on their tour for their second release was awesome as well because you got to hear a good mix of both albums.

I highly suggest checking this tour out if it passes through your town.



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