Emily Galati at The Funny Bone – June 19th, 2014

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This past Thursday night marked many firsts for me,  on the top of that list was that for the first time I was able to attend a comedy night at the Funny Bone in Valley Park presented by the fine folks at Indio Radio…AKA The John and Kane Show!  One other thing that was a new experience for me was being able to see a show at the new Funny Bone location located right off 141 in Meramec Valley Plaza, prior to this I had only been to the location in West Port.  It’s actually in the same plaza as a popular bar called Bobby’s Place in honor of St. Louis Blues player Bobby Plager.  The headliner, Emily Galati, hails from Chicago and has a very unique style that is a perfect mix between awkward and dry humor, which personally I love.  Her first joke of the night was about Midwest driving and the lack of acknowledgment you get when trying to use your “blinker”.  If you live in St. Louis you understand this and it was the perfect joke to get the crowd going.  As Emily continued her style became more prevalent and lead into great life experience bits about how it really is like to be a single 29 year old female in today’s society.  One situation she spoke of was about how she got high for the first time at age 29 and how awkward it was, and another story was about walking up on a dude getting a blow job in an alley.  Both stories were hilarious and her delivery was awesome, the crowd appeared to be entertained as well.  Not alone was Emily great to see, her two supporting acts killed it as well.

Nathan Horton opened the show and his routine focused a lot on how douchey typical guys could be and how prevalent that is in situations where you have to interact with the “brosef’s” of the world. Andrew Frank followed Nathan perfectly with a set that was riddled with raunchy observations about religion, sex, cumming, and farm animals which are all about the most un-P.C. things a comic could possibly throw into their act.  The interesting thing was that Andrew’s delivery of the material, which some would consider obscene, was some of the funniest shit I’ve heard in a long time.  He often got tickled by his own jokes and was almost apologetic in his delivery which made it hilarious.

If you are looking for a great night out stop by the Funny Bone in Valley Park, Emily Galati is wrapping up her last night of a three day headlining stint tonight.  Have some good drinks and good laughs, and come by any Thursday to catch another Indio Radio Presents Comdey Night at the Funny Bone!


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