Fall Out Boy and Paramore at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater – July 6th, 2014

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Let me first start off by saying that I had no idea what to expect when I showed up at last nights show.  I kind of expected to feel old and see tons of young-ins, which was the case but not the norm for the medium age of the crowd.  Forgetting that both Fall Out Boy and Paramore have been around individually for at least 10 years, their fan base was a little more diverse than I expected.  What completely took me by surprise was Paramore’s live act.

Already knowing that Hayley Williams is known for her exuberant and high energy live performances, I have to say what surprised me was the bands stage presence and set up.  Us photographers oddly enough got to photograph their last three songs as opposed to the first three, which is usually he standard and man it was great to shoot a band at the end of their set.  The lights were in full effect and we were purposely sent out there at that time to catch the confetti and balloon ball extravaganza that ended the bands set.  As you can tell I went a little crazy taking photos of them and I actually felt bad that Fall Out Boy had to follow them.  Anytime an opening act gets a standing ovation and takes a bow, you know the main act is going to have to follow the first bands performance with something even more amazing.  Unfortunately when Fall Out Boy took stage it was kind of like the crowd got tossed a wet blanket.

The bands sound was amazing and they were on point with their stage performance, but after seeing them portrayed in the media for many years I could have only hoped that the eccentric Pete Wentz would have been working the crowd a little more than he did.  To be honest, I had trouble finding a photo I captured of him where he looked enthused.  Vocalist Patrick Stump hit his vocals flawlessly, and as I stated before, but it just felt like something was missing and that the fire the band once had was extinguished long ago.  Regardless, I still had a blast and I hope you can tell I did from viewing my slideshow from last night.


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