“Bottles and Cans, Just Clap Your Hands”…

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So last night was another bucket list show for me.  In my time of doing concert photography I have had the opportunity to photograph almost every artist that I listened to throughout my youth.  If you are a 90’s kid you really can’t talk musical history without mentioning Beck.  From his first single “Loser” to his latest single “Blue Moon” you can pretty much hear the talent and growth he has had as an artist, which makes him fun to be a fan of.  Last night I think he surprised the sold out crowd at The Pageant as he ripped right into well known hits from the get go.  His set started with “Devil’s Haircut” and ended with “Where It’s At” tagged with a Rolling Stones cover on “Miss You”.  I had to leave the theatre with my camera gear but I sat outside the doors watching through the glass window until I heard my favorite track “Lost Cause”, which was 10 songs into his 24 song setlist.  It was freaking awesome and I was very proud of his stage performance that only rang true the opinion I’ve had for a long time, which is that they just don’t make rock stars like they did in the 90’s.  No over the top lighting spectacle was used, no gimmicks, and no over the top rock star attitude was displayed for the crowd.  It was just a man on stage performing songs he loves for a crowd that was connecting with the emotions he put into every track when he originally wrote them.  The purity of a good rock show is like seeing God…that may be a bit dramatic but you get what I’m trying to say if you love a good rock concert!  Speaking of which, rock royalty Sean Lennon opened the show with his band The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger and let me tell you it’s probably the best version of a rock band I’ve heard Sean put out.  I think people view him harshly because they expect the genius of John Lennon, but the chromosomes are still there and the guy can write a well constructed song.  If you need to bag on somebody blame Yoko, all the die hard Beatles fans do anyway.  If you can’t tell already I was a big fan of the show and you should catch Beck as he tours through the states, he is playing Pitchfork Music Festival this weekend in Chicago which is not too far from Missouri and many other neighboring Midwest cities.  Do a road trip to see a rock show, you’ll never forget the experience!


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