Leann Rimes at The Pageant – August 2nd, 2014

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Last night was pretty freaking awesome.  There are certain times in a career as a music photographer that you get an opportunity to photograph an artist that you are familiar with, but may not completely “get” as a performer.  Leann Rimes is a prime example of the experience I’m describing.  I had the photo pit to myself, I was covering the show for the venue, and I was the only photographer that was approved so I was bound and determined to walk away with some stellar shots.  I am of course familiar with some of Leann’s hits throughout her career and it is clear that she is very talented and successful in her genre of music, but what I didn’t realize was that she puts on a fantastic live performance.  Being accustom to shooting primarily rock shows and not too many country acts I wasn’t expecting to move around too much in the pit or to have a hard time framing the artist in my shots.  I was so wrong in such a great way, Leann had so much energy and she provided some very emotionally driven concert shots!  In fact I believe these are some of the best images to date that I’ve included in my portfolio.  In all it was a great show to experience and I’m thankful I was there to capture it in pixels.


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