The 51st Annual Moonlight Ramble – August 9th, 2014

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This past Saturday was the 51st Annual Moonlight Ramble, and if you missed it this year I highly suggest attending next years event.  With well over 5,000 cyclists in attendance it is quite a tremendous site to see as bikes fill the streets of downtown St. Louis with attendees starting their 19 mile route right in front of the grandeur of Busch Stadium!  Of course if you are a more modest rider you can also choose a 9 mile route if you’d like a shorter ride.  With the party kicking off around 10pm riders can socialize and hang out at a lighted parking lot with complimentary bottles of water, listen to a live band, and check out a string of vendor tents that offer anything from sampling chilled coffee drinks to having fun posing in group photos at the AARP sponsored photo booth.  After the ride cyclists are then greeted back at the starting line with refreshments and snacks in celebration of completing their route through the streets and neighborhoods of the city of St. Louis.  This is a great event for the young, old, and families alike; with this being the longest running nighttime bike ride in the US it is something that we should celebrate in pride for our city.


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