Bleachers and MisterWives at The Ready Room – August 21st, 2014

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Last night was just what I needed to spark my fuze again for shooting concerts.  Sometimes I think as a music photographer you get into these modes where you are kind of just going through the motions, picking up shows that come up, covering them, and handing photos over.  It’s very much like a turn and burn workflow and during those times you start to loose site of what you love most about this art form that you pour countless hours of time into.  The show last night was amazing and both bands put on stellar performances.  Below are some things that really made the experience awesome for me when it came to each bands set.


  • These poor guys had the misfortune of having their van breakdown in Indiana on their way to the show, so badly that AAA had to come and pick them up.  In fact their set was to start at 8pm and at 8:05 the garage door opened to reveal a AAA flatbed tow truck with their van on it, in which they promptly unloaded directly onto the stage.  In a matter of minutes, by 8:15, the band was set up and just flew straight into their set.  You could tell it was a hard day and they needed to blow off some steam.  That feeling was felt by everyone in the room and we all gave them enthusiasm as they tore through one hell of an emotionally fuzzed set.  They were taken back and thanked the crowd for making one of their worst days on tour the best they’ve had on the road in a long time!
  • Vocalist Mandy Lee, enough said.  Look the band up, see them live, and you’ll know what I mean by just referencing her name.  She is talented, a superior live performer, attractive, and she exuded the essence of what every female front women should have in a rock band.
  • The band was fantastic as well filled with a sax, horn, keyboardist, and drummer with an electronic drum pad mixed into an acoustic kit which when all combined made for a wonderfully layered melody of rock pop awesomeness!


  • Jack Antonoff really shines as a composer and writer on this project, in my opinion it surpasses anything I’ve heard from Fun and I hope to see him obtain the same kind of critically acclaimed success with this endeavor.
  • The sound of Bleachers music was pleasant as well, mixing a very 80’s influenced sound that to me mimicked the same style Bruce Springsteen had on “Born in the USA”.  A couple tracks you could have mistaken for Springsteen covers in my opinion.
  • The energy was also amazing and really took the feeling in the room that MisterWives left the crowd with and carried it like a wave.  Jack’s expressions and erratic movement of the mic stand from different points of the stage kept your eyes moving the whole time.

Enjoy the pics, The Ready Room graciously provided me with some excellent lighting which was responsible for these shots being captured so well!  By the way, if you haven’t made it to the venue yet you are missing out.  Think the Firebird but spaced out more comfortably with a fresh coat of paint, and located in an area with more eclectic restaurants than you can count!


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