David Lindley at The Duck Room – June 17th, 2014

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In trying to catch up with past blog posts I have decided to give a brief recap of each show in a simple break out of my personal take backs.  This show in particular was from some months ago and it was an interesting one, below are some things that made this evening particularly unique for me.

  1. This show was at the infamous Duck Room in the lower level of Blueberry Hill.  This made it unique in it’s own right being that it’s such an awesome restaurant and has a great intimate venue below it.  In fact, one of the first shows I had ever shot was in 2010 when Matthew Sweet played there.  If an artists comes through to this venue that you love, go see them here.  It’s like having them play your very own basement.
  2. With this being such an intimate venue the artist can almost have a one on one conversation with the crowd, so much so that as a photographer it gets a little tricky.  At the end of the first song of Mr. Lindley’s set he actually called me out to let me know I was getting too close to the stage.  This was a first and the last for me, point taken.  I used a long lens from the back of the room and will do so anytime I shoot there in the future.
  3. I shot this for KSHE HD2 in which Radio Rich Dalton let me know to check out the array of instruments Lindley used on stage.  I saw some acoustic instruments that I had never seen, things that looked rustic like a sitar mixed with a mandolin were among the many stringed instruments that adorned the stage that evening.
  4. After doing some research and paying attention to the set I found out quickly that Lindley is most notably known for the work he has done with Jackson Browne and Warren Zevon.  He covered a fantastic Zevon cut about 5 songs in that really made my evening!

Enjoy the pics and educate yourself on David Lindley, especially if you consider yourself to be a connoisseur of rock music.


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