Made in America Tour ft. Girl Talk at The Pageant – July 8th, 2014

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This post is recapping the Budweiser Made in America show that came to the Pageant in July and featured Girl Talk.  Below are my observations from that night.

  1. With this being a Budweiser sponsored event I had no idea what to expect and oh my God was it quite the spectacle.  For your ticket price it included all you could drink aluminum bottles of Budweiser and free food that consisted of barbecue, toasted ravioli, and pizza.  Beer and food for the beer munchies, it was like heaven.
  2. This show made me realize I don’t get hipsters and that I am in fact too old to try to hang in some scenes.  A lot of boat shoes and neon colored glasses covered the floor of the Pageant that evening.  “It was awesome, bro”!
  3. I generally hate DJ type based acts but Girl Talk was amazing.  Mixing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” into straight Hip Hop blew me away.  Gregg Michael Gillis is truly amazing!

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