The Cult at The Pageant – August 6th, 2014

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Below are some highlight from this show, again this was another educational experience in the school of rock music!

  1. I’ve heard this band name many times but wasn’t familiar with their catalog.  It was quite evident at this show that I had miss the boat because ironically this band has a strong cult following that is very passionate about their music.  I have since listened through their catalog a bit a totally get it.
  2. I got to shoot this show with my mentor and buddy Todd Morgan who is a huge fan, so it was nice to have some input on the band while sharing a beer with a great friend.
  3. Guitar players that play to the crowd are awesome and this band has an axe man that confidently strutted the stage, at times laying out some great solos.
  4. Lions of Hazelwood opened up, they are local and a two piece that really impressed me.

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