Iron & Wine at The Pageant – September 17th, 2014

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Iron & Wine is one of those acoustic acts that you have no idea if they will be entertaining, or if they will be kind of a bore.  Below were my take backs.

  1. So…people love Iron & Wine apparently, the crowd was in a complete uproar during Samuel Beam’s entire set.
  2. I love the spontaneity of Samuel’s set.  In particular the third song was some what of a rarity live, in which the crowd applauded loudly for.  He also humbly stumbled through the first couple measures, having to start it over again before getting it down correctly.  He then delivered it flawlessly for the audience, which is very “rock star” of him.
  3. Sam’s got one hell of a beard.
  4. The vocals were so clear that they rang through the concert club sending goose bumps up my arm at one point.  FYI, if you’ve never experienced that when listening to music then you don’t really love music.
  5. I only left wishing this show took place around a camp fire and will make sure to have Iron & Wine on my playlist the next time I’m at a bonfire.



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