Rise Against at The Pageant – September 23rd, 2014

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I’ve photographed this band once before and they always rock that shit out!  Below is a brief run down of the night.

  1. You’d think this Chicago based band was local from the amount of fans they have in St. Louis.  The crowd was nuts and screamed along all the lyrics to every song!
  2. Thank you as well to Rise Against for letting us photogs have the entire show because you really need to capture the crowd in a few shots with the band to tell the true story of a Rise Against show.
  3. Many of my images came out soft and it was due to a rookie mistake.  ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FOCUS POINTS.  I generally set mine to a single center focus point but at some time in the evening I mistakingly moved my toggle wheel to the far left and didn’t realize it in the frenzy, in the low lit conditions of a show.  I will never forget to ever check this again.
  4. Guitarist Zach Blair is one springy dude and I’ll be damned if I didn’t miss capturing the jump shot every time he went airborne, he is so much fun to watch enjoy what he is doing on stage.
  5. Vocalist Tim Mcilrath has about one of the most expressive faces in rock music, he brings so much intensity on stage and does such an awesome job as a front man.

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