Spoon at The Pageant – September 20th, 2014

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Spoon was the show I was looking forward to the most in September.  This is one of the best bands in indie rock at the moment, in my opinion.  Below are some things that I loved about this show.

  1. The lighting made for some of the best photos I’ve taken all year with giant sheets that casted shadows of band members silhouettes, providing for some very visually stimulating images.  This is one of the few times the lighting was my friend at at show.
  2. Spoon has done such an amazing job of breaking into the mainstream while still retaining a level of “indie rock” status, making their set so familiar.  It’s amazing how many of these bands songs are sprinkled throughout movies like “The Underdog” and “Cherry Bomb”.  I screamed like a girl and shook my ass when they played those cuts.
  3. Vocalist Britt Daniel does an awesome job of being a front man and often engages with the crowd which is sometimes not the case with indie acts.
  4. I want to thank Spoon for letting us have access to the whole show which allowed me to get some crowd shots and not be limited to up shots from the photo pit.
  5. It was packed and the show gave me hope that maybe rock music isn’t dead just yet.

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