Alter Bridge at The Pageant – October 16th, 2014

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This show was interesting because I had no idea that this band did so well for the remaining members of Creed.  I met people in the front row with lyrics tattooed on them and they had the balcony pretty full, which doesn’t happen for all acts that come into the venue.  They were playing for the camera like rock stars and having just an awesome time on stage.  It was a great example of how no one every stops to realize how much being in a band is like being in a relationship, it only takes one thing to throw the vibe off.  Changing things up in a band’s lineup can be the best or worst thing a musician that already has established a career can choose to do.  In this case, Mark Tremonti and Scott Phillips made a great choice in starting this faction back in 2004.  Not to mention the show also included opening act California Breed that featured Glenn Hughes, who is most known for having a short stint as the frontman in Black Sabbath for a brief time period in the ’80’s.  He was freaking awesome to photograph and totally is a showman in front of a crowd.

Enjoy the pics and raise your fists!!!  I just made that up and I can’t tell if I should never say it again or if I should print it on a t-shirt.


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