J Roddy Walston with Fly Golden Eagle at Plush – October 7th, 2014

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This evening brought me back to a place that will forever have a fond spot in my heart.  Plush is not only a great concert venue, with a ridiculously awesome tap selection, and a great menu they are also the club where I cut my teeth learning how to properly shoot concerts.  For anyone out there looking for a start, hit up the club scene.  You’ll learn lighting, how to shoot in crowds, and on a good night you walk away with some of the best shots you’ll ever add to your portofolio.  Below are some of the things that made the J Roddy show so awesome.

  • Fly Golden Eagle was such a great opener.  As they were playing I swore I had heard or seen them before, in which I had when they opened for Arctic Monkey’s at the Pageant earlier this year.  If you like that whole indie, 70’s fuzz, garage rock, and hipster scene you are missing out on something if you haven’t checked this band out.
  • The audience that evening was also surprising.  It was a lot of younger folks that were all very fanatical about J Roddy.  At first I was expecting to have a medium capacity filled room, with plenty of space to weed through the crowd.  That was in fact not the case, I actually had to get out of the front section after the first three songs because I could tell that I was killing the vibe for some of the people I was shooting around.  They were in front for their band damnit, and I can completely relate to having that kind of emotion at a show!
  • J Roddy was such an amazing frontman, with flinging hair and an intensity in the delivery of every lyric he sang it was no surprise why this band is gathering such a huge following.  I wish them luck!  I’ll be keeping an eye on this act and I’m excited to see what they do next in their career.

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