Matisyahu at The Pageant – October 1st, 2014

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So October has been so jammed packed busy that I’m going to update this site “highlight style” like I did for a lot of my September shows.  October started off with a reggae/rap pioneer that, to be honest, I had no idea was still out there plugging away.  Much time has passed since Matisyahu first hit the scene, below are some things I remember thinking while I was at the show.

  1. As this show approached I remember seeing a concert poster and thinking, “Who the hell is that guy?”.  Apparently some years ago Mr. Man disbanded from adhering to the strict believes of the hasidic Jewish teachings he was associated with when he started his career.  So, homeboy has lost the beard, locks, and rabbi inspired wardrobe…he just looks like a normal chilled out dude.
  2. Matisyahu’s tunes lend themselves to having a very non-specific crowd, as you observed the audience you couldn’t really place your finger on who would be the poster child for the “typical” fan of this artist.
  3. This style of music grooves and left me with wanting to add some to my iTunes library, the room was filled with a cloud of relaxation that completely gelled with the set.
  4. Getting to shoot the whole set gave me a chance to photograph the stage a little wider than normal, it was fun to catch him engaging with the crowd and dancing to his tunes.

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