Pearl Jam in Memphis, TN at the FedEx Forum – October 14th, 2014

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So this was yet another milestone for me as a concert photographer.  This was the third time I have had the opportunity to photograph Pearl Jam, my favorite band on the planet, and it was also the last show I shot as an employee at Emmis Communications (KSHE95, KHITS96, 1057 The Point, and FM News Talk 97.1).  Ooh it was also within walking distance of one of my favorite streets in the country, of course I’m referring to Beale Street!  Below are what I remembered the most about my experience.

  • I attended the show with an on-air personality from KHITS 96 (, Mr. Rick Sanborn, who is a die hard fan just like me.  We stayed two blocks from the venue and walked everywhere, this is a benefit that is hard to come by and do affordably in most cities.  Thank you Memphis for being the city you are, it is a perfect destination to road trip to and catch a show if you live in the Midwest or Southern states.
  • The lines were massive taking an hour to get my tickets, and I didn’t even try to get any merch at this show because that line was taking at least two hours to work through.  I’m not complaining, it actually made me proud as a fan that “my band” was still causing such a fuss after being in the business for 23 years!
  • Ed let the crowd know he was coming down with something he caught after ACL but god bless the man, he still ripped through a full set that lasted at least 2 1/2 hours!
  • The band really seems to be enjoying playing together, not that they don’t generally exhibited that, but you see a lot of nods and smiles when either of them rip into solos which is really awesome to experience as a fan.
  • I wished the whole time the party could have been a blog party on Beale, someone should make that happen for PJ.  Sounds like a great idea to celebrate 25 Years, I’m just saying!

3 thoughts on “Pearl Jam in Memphis, TN at the FedEx Forum – October 14th, 2014

    1. Sahara, Memphis was the 24th time I have seen this band live and if you count the two times I’ve seen Ed live on his solo tour I’m up to a grand total of 26 shows. That’s a low number by the way, Ed pointed out a fan in St. Louis that was celebrating their 100th show, it’s kind of crazy. They are so much fun to be a fan of that I’ve never once let my fan club membership lapse since 1996. Following them has almost this cult/comic-con type fan frenzy and it’s a lot of fun. If you are into rock music you owe it to yourself to catch PJ live. They are kind of the last band standing from the ’90’s in my opinion.

      1. PJ songs have been the soundtrack to my most formative years, especially since I first heard the opening strains of Black. The fact that they’re still around only strengthens their status in my books.

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