Robin Trower at The Pageant – October 4th, 2014

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Robin Trower I had been looking forward to for some time.  With growing up on classic rock and KSHE Klassics, Trower was a guitar legend I had always heard people rave about.  Below is what I took away from this show.

  • So it was awesome to feel the tone of Trowers guitar rumble through my chest as I photographed.  I was enchanted by how great it sounded, it was similar to how blown away I was with Jeff Beck when I photographed him this past summer.
  • I really only have one Trower record, Caravan to Midnight, and it’s on vinyl.  Not being very familiar with the extensive amount in his catalog, it was great to hear more of his material for the first time in a live setting.
  • I was proud to see the balcony open at The Pageant and it was great to see the devout following Robin still has in our city, people in the age group of 45-55 filled the crowd completely giddy to hear this man shred!
  • It was also the 40th Anniversary of Trowers iconic second album, Bridges of Sighs, in which many cuts were played that evening and you could tell it pleased the crowd immensely as they shouted in excitement.
  • Wrath of Khan opened the show and completely rock it out as well, they were the perfect opener for this show!

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