The Used and Taking Back Sunday at The Pageant – October 6th, 2014

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The Used and Taking Back Sunday was a great lineup and actually marks the second time I’ve photographed this band on the same day.  On Warped Tour 2012 both bands played the STL date and they are both stellar live acts to catch.  Below is what I dug about the show.

  • Taking Back Sunday causes such a frenzy and I can totally see why.  No matter what, all their songs have this open hook that makes you want to shout out right along with them.  The crowd was freaking out and it was awesome to see!
  • Both bands gave us the entire set to shoot and I got to observe Adam Lazzara enjoying being a frontman.  I had a lot of fun following him around from each side of the stage as he sang with the crowd and engaged with them to participate in the performance.
  • The Used let us know early on in the set that this show happened to be the last one of the tour and they were filming it for some kind of DVD.  The lighting was like Jesus and if I meet the lighting guy from this tour the least I can do is get him a high priced sandwich and a beer.  My job was so much more enjoyable that evening, thank you random lighting guy…wherever you are.  God Bless!
  • Bert McCracken from The Used is just a dying breed in the music biz, he is a crazy front man that is vulgar and in your face the entire set.  It’s called being a rock star, some new bands out there should take lessons.

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