The War on Drugs and Peter Bauer at The Ready Room – October 12th, 2014

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This show was interesting because it was another situation where I came in feeling like I was jumping on the band wagon way too late.  Below are some of my observations from the show.

  • The Ready Room is climbing high up on my list of favorite venues in town to catch indie acts.  It’s new, it’s in an up and coming neighborhood of the city, it’s literally right next to a record shop, and the vibe of the room is just awesome.  The lighting is also always fantastic, which is a plus in my line of work!
  • Peter Bauer of The Walkmen opened the show and he has a solo project that is fabulous, apparently everyone in the room knew that besides me.  It was great to see an opener get such a positive reaction from the crowd.
  • I seriously was embarrassed talking about The War on Drugs with a fellow photog named Abby who was covering the show for KDHX.  She seemed completely appalled that I had only heard a handful of songs from this band, you could tell these guys were her indie band.  I totally need to set aside time before shows to get familiar with the catalog of the band I’m shooting.
  • If you see a show at The Ready Room don’t show up late, it is an intimate venue and fills up fast.  Needless to say I didn’t fight for my spot upfront for very long before I moved to the back and put the camera away.

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