The Pretty Reckless at The Pageant – October 23rd, 2014

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Last Thursday I had a fun night hanging with some of my fellow photog buddies as we were getting to cover The Pretty Reckless show.  Below are few things I have to say about the show.

  • First and foremost Taylor Momsen is sexy as hell, there is just no other way to put it.  She is a rocker chick and owns the stage with a confident in your face attitude that screams, “I know I’m hot and you’re staring at me inappropriately, go f**k yourself”.  Rock music is sex and it’s all about owning who you are and Taylor carries that as well as any other predecessor in her genre, not to mention her voice can literally shake the walls of a venue.
  • For what this band is, their music really does rock.  It has a great driving, loud, and powerful beat throughout most of their songs.
  • The two opening acts made me realize that heavy vibrato in a front man’s vocal stylings is the worst shit to ever happen in the rock world, period.

The Pageant was pretty full that evening and the crowd was filled with an interesting mix of over the top typical looking “party” girls and teens who dragged their poor Dad’s out to take them to the show.


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