Hoodie Allen at The Pageant – November 5th, 2014

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So last Wednesday I went to this show mainly because I was dying a little inside that it had been two weeks since I had photographed anything, also I thought Hoodie Allen was something completely different than what he turned out to be.  Below are some of the things that most stood out from the evening.

  • Hoodie Allen is not really what you’d classify as an Indie Rock act, I had heard the name before and have no idea who I got the band mixed up with.  They are what I would call a pop/dance influenced almost hip hop type act, I was very much not in their demographic.
  • Speaking of what the demographic for this band is, let’s just say I felt old, as the medium age and sex of the average Hoodie Allen fan is a 15-19 year old girl.  There was a lot of screaming and fanatically passionate fans in the crowd for this one.
  • In talking to the Pageant staff I found out that many people showed up in the morning that day for the show and two girls in fact had been there since 4pm the day before waiting for the doors to open.  Apparently the first person in line gets a picture taken with Hoodie (aka Steven Adam Markowitz) that he then Tweets out for the social media world to see.
  • There were countless bras thrown on stage, which Hoodie explained happened the last time he was in town and that the band was going to make a jump rope out of them.
  • Hoodie also crowd surfed in an inflatable raft and I’m so bummed I missed out on capturing.

This was a great show to shoot as it was unexpected and it was a live show that had a lot going on.  If you can stomach fighting for a place in the crowd amongst star crazed high school girls you will have a great time, although observing from the back of the room was fine by me.  His music, although not my cup of tea, was very catchy and I totally understand why he has such a devout following of fans.


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