Honor Flight 9/30/14

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What you are viewing are the images I captured when covering an Honor Flight that went out on 9/30.  In honor of it being Veteran’s Day I felt it appropriate to share this on this day.  If you are not familiar with Honor Flight they are committed to charting flights to Washington, DC with the goal of making sure that every living World War II vet has the opportunity to visit their memorial in our nations capital.  After they accomplish this goal they will move on to focusing on fulfilling the same task for Korean War and Vietnam vets.  It is a very awesome thing to experience if you never have, Honor Flight is also completely funded by corporate and public donations.  When the flight returns to Lambert there is a huge reception with family members and anyone else would like to honor these courageous vets who gave so much to protect the freedoms we enjoy every day as Americans.  The reception is very emotional and includes bag pipe players, trumpeters, a vocalist singing musical selections from the World War II era, as well as handing out commemorative awards presented to the vets by Marines.  This hit home for me as my Grandfather, Great-Grandfather, and Uncle have all served our country spanning across World War II and the Vietnam War.

Here’s to our service men and women, thank you for your sacrifices and dedication to our country.



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