The Urge at The Pageant – November 22nd, 2014

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The Urge just wrapped up a two show set of gigs at The Pageant over the weekend, the first of one was on Saturday, November 22nd.  I had many of my fellow photographer buddies tell me for years that I needed to take the opportunity to photograph The Urge if it ever became available, and I completely get why they enjoying shooting this band now.  Below are some things I thought were unique about The Urge concert experience.

  • People are pretty fanatical about this group in our town.  They play very often and still manage to sell out their shows every time.  I think the nostalgia of them being so tightly connected to St. Louis and the fact that they formed back when they were all in high school really has stuck with a lot of their fans.
  • Hearing people chant “Play That Mother Fucking Urge Shit” (PTMFUS) in the Halo Bar was awesome to witness and only further reiterated that they are still a very big deal for a lot of people in the STL.
  • Their sound live is very powerful with chunky guitars, soaring horn and sax sections, and Steve Ewing’s bellowing vocals that it’s kind of hard not to jam to their tunes as your standing in the crowd.
  • The lighting was freaking amazing and it really helped to produce some nice images from a photography stand point.

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