1057 The Point HO HO Show #1 with Bush at The Pageant – December 2nd, 2014

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Bush came back to the STL to show our city, and the devout 1057 The Point listening audience, some love by starting this years string of Ho Ho Shows off with a bang.  In the last two years this is the third time Gavin has graced our city with his presence, which I find great being that before then it had been since 1996 that the band played here.  This show in particular was a night packed with memories of high school crushes played to the tune of “Glycerine” at a time when “Everything” was “Zen”.  I know, I know that is horribly cheesy, but this band will always have a fond place in my heart as Sixteen Stone was released at a time when I was about 13, learning to play guitar, and trying to figure out how to appeal to the opposite sex.  Gavin was kind of a sex symbol to all girls who were teenagers between 1994-2000, and this night he enchanted the crowd by his constant power slides and dramatic stares into the balcony that still made the women in the room scream!  The set itself was short but filled with every hit/radio single that Bush has ever been known for over the span of their career.  I will never pass up a chance to photograph this band and if you grew up listening to 90’s music you owe it to yourself to see Bush the next time they play a city near you.


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