1057 The Point HO HO Show #2 with Alt-J, Vance Joy, and Meg Myers at The Pageant – December 3rd, 2014

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This show was the 2nd of 5 1057 The Point Ho Ho Shows scheduled this year and it came bringing the thunder in a surprisingly small package…I am referring to non-other than Meg Myers of course.  She was actually the very first act of the night, in which she was followed by Vance Joy and then headlining act Alt-J.  Here are many things I can say great about Meg Myers:

  1. Homegirl has the intensity of a lion!  Her performance includes her jumping around, randomly yelling in agony, throwing her lovely locks around, and basically rocking the fuck out!  That is what every great vocalist should do for a crowd.
  2. She plays an instrument, the bass, which is always good to see in a band with a lead vocalist.
  3. Her voice is powerful and it’s just amazing live.
  4. She is much more than looks, but damn she is freaking easy on the eyes.
  5. She engaged with the crowd and was enthused them throughout her entire set.

Pretty much the reason I wasn’t impressed by Alt-J and Vance Joy is because their sets were completely opposite from Meg Myers, the other two acts didn’t represent anything close to the list of good points I could point about about Meg’s set.  Also Alt-J’s lighting can take a face plant and die a horrible death, they might as well have thrown that bastard in a closet and let us try to photograph him.  It made the second and last time I will ever entertain the thought of shooting an Alt-J show, #fuckthat.


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