El Monstero Show #1 at The Pageant – December 19th, 2014

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This gallery is from the first show of El Monstero’s six show stint at The Pageant.  Below are some obvious reason why you should check this band’s amazing show out, which can only be described as the “definitive Pink Floyd tribute”.

  1. If you didn’t grow up during Pink Floyd’s career when they were touring and putting out records you will most likely never have the opportunity to see them live.  El Monstero is a note for note live representation of the band, and their set is packed with all the classics as well as some rarities for the hardcore fans.  I lost my shit when they played “Fearless” off Meddle!
  2. Crowd participation is a must with the band’s army of soldiers using spot lights to point out people in the audience.
  3. The lighting is amazing with projection screens and laser show type lighting that cuts across the venue, making for a very visually appealing show…ooh yeah and their is fire!
  4. Speaking of visually appealing, there is also pole dancers and female acrobatic performers that add another layer to this live musical experience.
  5. Multiple set changes also really transfer this show from a normal concert to a theatrical performance.

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