G-Easy at The Pageant – January 7th, 2015

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Attached are the first concert images I’ve shot in 2015, and it was quite an interesting evening with many firsts.  It totally proofed to be an awesome start to another year of shows!   Below are some things that made this show stand out.

  • I got all access, which never happens.  This meant that for the 3rd song of G-Easy’s set I got to shoot from the side of the stage.  I actually got to stand on the side of the stage from backstage and it was the first time that it had ever happened!  It was quite a thrill and I learned a lot, I really hope I get another opportunity to do this in the future.
  • G-Easy’s sold out crowd of young people, mostly consisting of girls 16-24, made me realize that I know absolutely shit about any other music outside of the realm of rock, indie rock, or classic rock.
  • Kehlani was not my cup of tea from a musical stand point, but her stage presence and intensity made for a very fun shoot.  I was proud add the images I captured of her to my portfolio.
  • There is defiantly an entirely new and different hip-hop genre of music that has gained a devout following amongst teens and people in their early twenties that I’m completely oblivious to.  There were six acts on the bill and the crowd was engaged with ever artist that took the stage that night.
  • My resolution this year is to step outside the rock realm and try to catch at least one show a month in a genre I don’t generally photograph, this show made for a perfect start to a new year filled with many shows to come!

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