The Devil Makes Three with Joe Pug at The Pageant – January 22nd, 2015

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The 2015 concert season is getting started off a little slower than it has in the past, last Thursday evening was a welcome addition to my portfolio.  The Devil Makes Three is an interesting blend of folk/ozark mountain music that is kind of mixed in with a rockabilly attitude that attracts a wide array of people that make up their fan base.  People young and old, hipsters, hillbillies, and indie rock connoisseurs alike all seemed to gravitate towards this band.  With no drummer in the house for either act, it was great to hear how in some music stylings a stand up bass is all you need to carry the driving rhythm of a song.  The Devil Makes Three featured some electric guitar playing in some songs, which was very remnant to the set up Johnny Cash’s band had on many of his early recordings on the Sun label.  It was nice to be reminded that the marrying of a bluegrass, country, and rhythm and blues is where it all started in the lineage of modern rock history.  The Devil Makes Three owns their sound and in my opinion have made their own niche in the massive hosh posh we call the music industry these days.  Check them out and enjoy!


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