Cold War Kids at The Ready Room – January 29th, 2015

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So it is now three days since this show happened and I’m still not over it!!!  I can not express enough the awesomeness of this concert and I really have to give kudos to the Cold War Kids.  In a time in music with an unbelievable amount of indie rock hipster shit to sift through before you find a good straight up rock band, Cold War Kids stand out amongst their peers in my opinion.  The Ready Room was a prefect place to experience this band as well, with it packed wall to wall and lighting that was mixed with heavy shades of blue to green it really paired fantastically with the amazing set the band delivered that night.  I’ve followed this band over their career and it was awesome to see them pull out some single release tracks and songs off EP’s like “Santa Ana”, “Minimum Day” and the cathedral version of “Bottled Affection”, which were sprinkled in with the tunes from their current triumphant release Hold My Home.  It was a good old fashion rock show with five dudes on stage, playing real instruments with no MAC Book present or digital drum driggers, and somehow preforming for a crowd with more passion than what they convey fantastically on their recorded releases.  This is something I find very hard to experience anymore in the indie rock scene and I will see this band live as much as I can to support their efforts.  Below is the set list and enjoy the pics…ooh and by the way I highly suggest you buy this bands entire catalog, listen to it everyday, and try like hell to catch them live!


All This Could Be Yours

Miracle Mile

Loner Phase

Weeks Vacation

Santa Ana


Louder Than Ever

Hot Coals

Minium Day

Hang Me Out To Dry

Bottled Affection

Harold Bloom


Drive Desperate

Every Man I Fall For

Hold My Home

Hospital Beds


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