Marilyn Manson at The Pageant – February 9th, 2015

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So this show was one for the bucket list!  No matter your feelings on Marilyn Manson you can not deny that he has earned his place in rock music history alongside the likes of Alice Cooper, Kiss, David Bowie, and Rob Zombie.  Even if you are not a fan of his music you have to appreciate his unique quality for bringing a “show” aspect back to a rock concert.  This was the third time I had scene him live and I have to say it was the most straight forward rock performance I had ever seen him deliver.  He of course took time in between songs to hackle the crowd a bit, in the true spirit of Manson, to evoke some kind of emotion out of the audience.  It was a packed sold out crowd and at $55 a pop people were ready to see the master of goth rock deliver a stellar performance of hits.  I heard many people talking about how the evening brought them back to high school and I couldn’t have agreed more.  In a time of rebellion and fucked up happenings like the Columbine tragedy in the late 90’s, Manson at some point has sneaked his way onto everyone’s “high school mix disc” whom graduated between 1997-2002.  I am proud to add Mr. Manson to my portfolio, and I hope I captured the evening well enough for those whom attended the show to fondly relive their memories of last night.


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