Tesla at The Pageant – February 4th, 2015

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I had come into February knowing that I would be photographing quite the mix of artists, Tesla by far turned out to be one of the most random experiences I have had to date.  I had heard Tesla played many times over my lifetime, as it was one of my Uncle John’s favorite bands and unfortunately at around 3pm the afternoon of this show he passed away due to kidney failure.  Uncle John, like many Tesla fans, were hardcore fans of hard/heavy rock and hair bands of the ’80’s as well as KSHE95 junkies.  This evening was packed with many reminders of my Uncle, consisting of people in their late 40’s to early 50’s whom smelt of cigarettes and leather.  You would think that would be an unpleasant combination, unless it reminded you of a fond memory of someone from your past.  That is really the only way I can describe the Tesla show for me.  I heard from my cousin around 10:30pm that evening and he let me know my Uncle had a ticket for this very show!  I think I walked away with some great images and somehow that maybe his spirit shined through them that evening.  Here’s to you Uncle John, I can hear your roaring laughter now as I post this.  RIP and rock on in the afterlife, Mr. John Wells.


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