Trampled By Turtles at The Pageant – February 6th, 2015

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Trampled By Turtles really opened my eyes to a subculture that I never knew existed.  Apparently if you are a single dude you need to follow this band and the bluegrass genre.  I saw more groups of women at this show than groups of dudes, it was pretty awesome and not because a lot of them were attractive.  It was great to see so many women gravitate to a genre of music that is far from the Pop bullshit that Y98, Z107, and 96.3 NOW play.  No soccers Mom’s were in this crowd, just people whom like to enjoy eloquently and meaningfully constructed songs with beautiful vocal harmonies that are set to acoustically arranged pieces of music.  I was very impressed by Trampled By Turtles and didn’t realize I had heard one of of their great songs before.  If you are familiar with the movie The Way, Way Back you will recognize their track titled “Alone”, which so perfectly closes out the last scene of the movie where Toni Collette realizes that her and her son’s relationship is the most special bond that she has with any human in her life.  The song captures that emotion so fantastically and when I get paid this week I’m buying Trampled By Turtles Stars and Satellites which is the album that track is on, I suggest you all do the same if you don’t already own it.


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