Guster at The Pageant – February 11th, 2015

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This show was one that I was eagerly looking forward to because of the tenure of this bands career.  Guster is a band from Boston that originally formed in 1991 but didn’t release a studio album until 1995.  I remember having friends in high school that were crazy about this band, the same friends that were into the likes of Wilco, Son Volt, Dave Matthews, and other indie/jam oriented rock bands that were emerging throughout the scene in the early to mid-90’s.  Never really being fully familiar with this bands music or their catalog of releases, I was very interested to shoot this show being that I am a fan of bands that are similar to their music stylings.  What I discovered was that this band deserves so much more attention and acclaim than what they have accomplished over their 20+ year long career.  Not only was everyone in the band a multi-instrumentalist, their sound was amazing.  With intricately composed guitar run’s that were paired with almost smooth jazz influenced bass lines, their music almost made you float if you closed your eyes and just listened.  Guster has a very dream like quality that was comforting to experience and which I found unique and presently lacking in today’s indie rock scene.  I had a blast and will be hitting the library soon to see if I can check out all of what Guster has to offer from their past releases.  Enjoy the pics as always and take a moment to check this band out, I suggest picking a day you can put one of their albums on and just space out while listening to them through a high quality pair of studio grade mixing headphones.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


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