Gaelic Storm at The Pageant – February 17th, 2015

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Gaelic Storm was something I went into knowing it was going to be special and unique.  From the time I entered the venue that evening I knew that my initial thought was true.  I saw about a 1/2 dozen patrons in kilts, many women wearing green with locks of natural red hair, and most people had a Guinness and shot of Jameson in hand.  The St. Louis Caledonian Pipe Band also opened the show which was so inviting, if you have never heard a troop of bagpipe players you need to do so before you leave this earth.  Then Gaelic Storm took stage to bring their mix of Scottish folk influenced music which consisted of songs about the cold air of their mother land, drinking, and bar fights.  It was kind of surreal and a welcome change of pace to the average group of skinny white boys playing over-processed indie rock tunes that I generally photograph.  I thought I had never been exposed to Gaelic Storm before this show, but I was quite wrong.  Come to find out they are the band playing in the iconic scene in the movie The Titanic when Kate and Leonardo are dancing about in a drunken haze in the “lower class” quarters of the ship.  If you love that scene of the movie then you should check this band out, they totally encompass the free and fun feeling that this scene in the movie articulates.  I will be doing my homework to check out this bands long catalog of releases and I suggest you do the same.


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