Dry The River at The Duck Room in Blueberry Hill – March 12th, 2015

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Last Thursday I was able to photograph a band that I completely forgot I had already shot years prior.  To start my evening off I felt like a total idiot as I had been looking forward to this show for weeks thinking it was “Drag The River” I was going to see and not Dry The River, but nevertheless it was a great indie rock show.  As I got to the venue and the band took stage I immediately realized that I had photographed this band a few years ago at Lollapalooza 2012.  I remembered this as the vocalist has this very erie way of staring out to the crowd, like he is looking through every single person his eyes make contact with.  The Duck Room also served as a great place to see this act, whom are accustomed to playing much bigger rooms.  The audience was also vey excited and it was not very packed, which that lead to some great candid moments.  One in particular was when the band got done playing a song in their set and a fan hollered out, “Fuck that was awesome!  Don’t know about you all but I felt that shit, I mean damn, that was intense.  Yes!”.  It was pretty cool to hear and it made the band chuckle, in fact Dry The River had a lot of emotion conveyed through the construction of their songs.  If you missed the show you missed seeing a very successful indie band in an intimate setting, so be on the look out for this band the next time they are on a festival lineup or playing a city near you.


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