Ooh The Fun Times Had in Bowling Green, KY…

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In celebration of the glorious feeling that “hump day” brings to all of us that work Mon-Fri 9-5’s, I figured I’d post something to gear everyone up for the weekend that is ahead of us!  With the temperature becoming warmer it seems everyone is bursting at the seams to get outside.  In mid-January in celebration of my wife’s birthday we took an overnight trip to Bowling Green, Kentucky which turned out to be such an awesome getaway!  At only 4 hours from St. Louis, MO it is an ideal destination for all of you road dogging weekend warriors out there.  Below are a few things that made this weekend awesome!

1) Lost River Cave Tour:  Coming from Missouri, a fellow cave state, I came to Kentucky expecting to see things much like Onondaga or Meramec Caverns but I was introduced to some caves that were much different.

Lost River is a cave that actually floods throughout the year, in fact they have built a damn to hold water in it all year round.  This allows them to have the unique quality of giving their tour via a boat ride.  This was awesome and was a very different way to experience a cave.  There was not much growth in the cave but what formations they did have were great to few as the boat cursed you by.

2) Mammoth Cave State Park:  This is a U.S. National State Park that offers visitors multiple different tour options and lets you explore parts of what has been deemed the longest cave system in the world.  You should go in knowing that this cave system is more vast than what you can explore in one visit, that being said each tour is catered to give you different levels of exploration.  They have the largest rooms of any cave system in the world and it is totally worth seeing, me and the woman will be going back there to see more in the future!

3) Corsair Distillery: Unfortunately I was a major idiot and forgot my camera at the hotel, so all I have is a photo taken after the fact.  Nevertheless this is a great distillery to check out in Bowling Green, which is also part of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail that you can try to accomplish as well.  Corsair is unique with everything from whiskey, absinthe, rum, and vodka to try.  The tasting/tour is very reasonable and done in small groups.  I came home with a smoked bourbon that pairs fantastically with a cigar!

These three points are just a handful of things to do in Bowling Green.  We went down early on a Saturday morning and came back Sunday evening, but we really wished we would have had an extra day or two.  There are some awesome local eateries in town, like The Mellow Mushroom, that will also make your stay even more enjoyable.  By the way we did this trip in January because cave’s stay a consistent temperature all year round, which makes touring one ideal no matter what time of the year it is.  Enjoy the pics and get out and explore!


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