Interpol at The Pageant – May 11th, 2015

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Monday was yet another great rock show to add to the books, Interpol played an amazing set to a crowd of very devout fans.  It always amazes me when I get a chance to mingle with random people in the audience.  I found out really quick that if you are an Interpol fan that you are definitely a die hard, and that you must know all their songs.  Being kind of late in jumping on the band wagon, with only having their last two albums in my iTunes library, I was told by many fans that I needed to dig deeper.  Interpol’s first record came out in 2002, in which I didn’t pick an album up by them until their fourth release in 2010.  Their set list seemed to touch a wide gamut of their catalog and I will be defiantly taking some of the audience members advice to dip deeper into this bands fantastic collection of work.


2 thoughts on “Interpol at The Pageant – May 11th, 2015

  1. Hello! I was at this show, and your photos are great! Would you consider maybe selling any of them? Just a die hard Interpol fan and I’d love to have these as reminders of what a great show that was!! 🙂 – Patrick

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