Matt and Kim Rock a Sold Out Crowd – May 8th, 2015

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Last Friday I had the awesome opportunity to photograph Matt and Kim as they put on one hell of a show for a sold out crowd at The Pageant.  Walking into this show I was expecting an energy fueled performance with many great images to capture but wasn’t really fully prepared for what I experienced.  This was a rock show that included many crucial things that in my opinion take a concert from being just a show and bringing it to a true “performance” level.  There was constant interaction with the crowd, Kim stopped many times to jump on her drum kit and engage with the audience.  There was also great lighting, a ton of balloons that were dropped, and of course the occasional release of confetti that was shot over the top of the audience.  I walked in not being a very huge fan of Matt and Kim’s music, but walked away with a new respect for them as I had just been part of a true live experience!  You will not be disappointed or bored at one of their shows regardless if you celebrate their catalog or not.  Take the opportunity to see them live, they truly know how to preform for a crowd!


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