Death Cab for Cutie Packed the Pageant – May 13, 2015

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There are very few times I get to photograph a band that I am fanatical about, Wednesday night was one of those instances.  Death Can for Cutie are one of those acts that have became, in my opinion, one of the early pioneers to the present day indie rock scene.  Being a band for 17 years with so many releases I would imagine that anyone could find at least one song by this group that they just can’t live without.  For me I have a handful of entire albums that I would be devastated to loose from my collection.  This show was so amazing for me because the band really dug deep into their catalog to play songs that spanned their entire career.  I actually found it difficult to photograph because I was too busy singing along and enjoying their set from the photo pit.  It was great to find a place after the first three songs and just take the performance in.  I also had no idea that this show closed out this leg of the tour which is always exciting.  One of my favorite moments of the evening was when the band whipped out a song from their first record, which Ben mentioned was only released on tape, called “President of What?”.  I was screaming like a 15 year old girl, it was awesome!!!  I was also pleased to hear them play a lot of material off Transatlanticism, which is the record and the tour I saw them on that originally made me fall in love with this band.  It was such a great night and I thank everyone from the band to the venue for giving me the opportunity to cover this show.  This was yet another one to check off my bucket list, I give that a hardy heartfelt “Fuck Yeah”!


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