Wildlife in St. Louis City

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A couple months ago my wife had come home and called as she pulled up to the house to let me know that there was an awesome red-tailed hawk perched on top of a street light just outside our house.  I rushed outside with my camera to capture this beautiful creature and I was able to get right under the street sign, in which he seemed unconcerned with my presence.  This is a great example of what the urban sprawling and expansion has done to the wildlife in our area.  It appeared he was stalking something in the field across from our house and I was lucky enough to observe this amazing bird of prey, whom has appeared to make his home in the city.  I see more and more hawks perched on highway exist signs throughout the city which is great to see, but makes me worry that we are slowly eating away the natural habitats these animals are use to calling home.  It would appear there is enough squirrels and small birds, such as doves, to help sustain them.  I welcome them and I hope they adapt well enough so that we continue to see a strong population of these awe inspiring creatures in our area.


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