They Might Be Giants at The Pageant – May 16th, 2015

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They Might Be Giants was one of those shows that I walked into expecting something completely different than what I experienced.  Being a band that started in 1982 and released their first record in 1986, I was expecting a chill crowd of 40 something year olds whom were mostly concerned with having an actual seat to sit in.  This was in fact very far from the reality of the experience I had.  For one there was no photo pit so I had to wiggle through the crowd much like a club show, which was not the worst thing in the world but it was unexpected.  Also as I weeded through the crowd it was filled with very intensely passionate fans ranging from the typical “nerd” rock fan category, to younger punk type hipsters, to adults in their 40’s whom were just stoked to finally catch this act live.  There was also no opening act and it was billed as an “evening with” where the band was determined to play a collection of songs that covered their entire career, and in fact they let the audience know that they were in for a long night from the get go.  There was even a traditional intermission like you are accustom to getting if you have ever attended the Fox for a theater production.  It was really an awesome night celebrating a bands catalog that spanned over almost 30 years of recordings.  If you get a chance to catch this band please do so, you will love it and be entertained through their entire set!


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