St. Vincent at The Pageant – May 27th, 2015

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Wednesday was an awesome experience for me, having not been overly familiar with St. Vincent’s catalog, I went in kind of blindly.  I was there with a close friend who only told me to just pay attention to the guitar playing and I would be floored.  “St. Vincent” is the stage name this talented female indie rock goddess goes by but her birth name is Anne Erin Clark, Annie for short.  Let me just tell you that I believe that she shines more live than on some of the recordings I’ve heard.  About 1/2 way through the show she got up on a platform, which elevated her above her band mates making her the main focus of the set moving forward.  At this moment in time Annie just started shredding through solo’s and jamming on many of her tracks.  I was highly impressed and it was great to see a lead front women that commanded her instrument as a driving force, as opposed to the cliche chic bassist/vocalist combo that you see often in the rock scene.  This was truly a night of awesome musicianship, not to mention that the opening act was the violinists from Arcade Fire, Sarah Neufeld, whom also had an immense amount of talent and brought a certain type of uniqueness to the evening.  Enjoy the pics and as always, rock on!


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