The Script at The Pageant – June 7th, 2015

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This show was interesting, as many of you know I often gage a show by observing the crowd.  The Script crowd was quite unique with many different types of people in the audience, most of them were actually girls in between the ages of 15-20.  There were also groups of women in their early 20’s, parents that were dragged there by their teens, and a smattering of middle aged folks who were out for a good time to hear a band that their local radio station (Y98) proudly supports.  From a photography standpoint I was not prepared for the show I received while shooting from the pit.  The vocalist, Danny O’Donoghue, was very entertaining and energetic, bouncing from each side of the stage so vigorously that it was hard to capture him with your camera.  It was a great performance to cover and I was really happy I was there to capture it.  The sold out crowd was also going nuts, which makes it a good time all around.  If you are into Pop/Rock then check these guys out, they came packing a punch and really put everything they have inside of them into their performance.


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