Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals at The Pageant – June 11th, 2015

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Ben Harper is one of those artists that has such an extensive catalog of material and such a strong following that going to see one of his shows is kind of exhilarating.  Much like artists such as Pearl Jam and Dave Matthews, Ben Harper has this quality to deliver songs that strike a chord in the audience and provide a true performance element very similar to that found in the jam band genre.  Not being completely educated in his catalog I really enjoyed hearing some tunes that had a bit more of a rock quality to them than some of the more bluesy jam or acoustic material I had been exposed to in the past.  As I was editing I actually revisited his album “Diamonds on the Inside” and it was very enjoyable to listen to as I worked on cleaning up some of the images from the show.  Ben seemed very appreciative and into it that evening, and with this being “an evening with” show that had no opener the crowd was guaranteed to get a great setlist.  The rest of the band were really psyched as well, smiling and passionately handling their instruments.  It was a great show to cover and I hope you enjoy the images.


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