Civil Twilight at Firebird – June 17th, 2015

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This was a show I was really looking forward to!  I had been exposed to very little of Civil Twilight prior to the show, but what I had heard I really liked.  Also one of the opening acts was In The Valley Below, who I had been familiar with by owning a copy of their debut release “The Belt”.  I hadn’t shot at Firebird for some time so it was good to get out at a club show, also the bands were going to be killer.

In The Valley Below took stage with such a full sound blaring only from a Fender Telecaster and a Fender Deville 2 X12 tube Amp, backed by a full acoustic drum kit that had some digital drum triggers worked into the mix.  Female vocalist Angela Gail Mattson also added some fantastic elements to the groups sound with a keyboard/synth set up she played while singing duet/background parts.  She also had a huge chain link she rang in rhythm with the third song in their set which I found ingenious and completely rock ‘n’ roll.  Guitarist/Lead Vocalist Jeffrey Jacob Mendel proved to be extremely talented with his vocal efforts and solo runs on the guitar.  After their great set the crowd still had the headliner to look forward to.

From the first few notes Civil Twilight murmured I couldn’t help but hear something that was very familiar.  After watching an hour and 15 minutes of their set it finally hit me, this fucking band needs to whip out a U2 cover because I bet their vocalist Steven McKellar could rock that shit out.  This band really had a much bigger sound that I feel the Firebird could do them justice.  This bands sound had a much bigger feel to it than most indie rock club acts, for sure.

Check both these bands out, I think you will like…Peace!


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