Dawes at The Pageant – June 21st, 2015

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Dawes was one of those acts that come through which I clump in the “indie buzz band” category.  Every few months to every year the industry has bands that just start to stick out.  There is some story in a major publication or album review, appearance on Jimmy Fallon, or a hit song on an indie file soundtrack which catches the eye/ear of the more commercially attentive side of indie rock crowd.  Just enough so that they draw a nice crowd into the Pageant.  Dawes I kind of consider to be one of this years bands to fit the “semi-commercially successful” mold.

To make myself familiar with Dawes before the show I purchased their 2013 release “Stories Don’t End” and immediately fell in love with the record.  I was majorly stoked to see them at the Pageant!  Also on the bill was Langhorne Slim & The Law which also proved to be amazing.  Both artists gave stellar performances and Dawes played for over two hours!  It was definitely not an indie rock show to miss from this years lineup at the Pageant.  I also highly suggest you pick up anything in Dawes catalog, I found “Stories Don’t End” to be a very enjoyable dose of southern indie style rock remnant of My Morning Jacket’s “It Still Moves”.


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