An Evening with Sloan at The Duck Room – June 25th, 2015

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Sloan was a show were I was kind of completely out of my element.  It was actually one of the most packed shows I’d seen at the Duck Room all year, and the fans of this band were so excited for them to take stage.  The vibe in the room was just amazing as people traded stories about Sloan’s past endeavors and how special it was to see them in a small room.  They hail from Toronto, were formed in 1991, and released their debut in 1992.  In Canada and other cities across the U.S. they are accustom to playing much bigger venues, so it was a treat for the fans to catch them at the Duck Room.  I was also impressed by the amount of talent the band showcased where many of them proved to be multi-instrumentalists and every member sang lead vocals on at least one song that evening.  It was amazing to see such a versatile band!  Sorry for the delay on sharing these, it was truly an awesome show that consisted of the band playing two sets for 2+ hours!


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