Meghan Trainor at The Pageant – July 14th, 2015

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Meghan Trainor was a great opportunity to photography a pop star on her first tour in a smaller venue.  With the success of “All About That Bass” it has thrown Meghan into the spotlight and with other singles she’s released gaining just as much success, it will be interesting to see if we ever catch her come through our city to play a venue the size of the Pageant again.  I hope the fans that were screaming crazily at this show stopped to realize how awesome that opportunity is from a fan standpoint.  Meghan indeed came out that evening to a wall of sound from her audience bellowing loudly as if they all wanted to be noticed by her individually.  You could tell Meghan was having fun and the show was pretty high energy, as she moved from each side of the stage frequently to engage with her fans.  Her backup dancers were giving it their all as well, providing an element that you don’t generally get exposed to at rock shows.  It was a pretty exciting show to shoot and I was happy to have the chance to capture a pop star who is going to be huge in such an intimate setting as The Pageant!


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